Clark Family Gardens Mushrooms

We Grow a variety of mushroom types sure to please all tastes and pair with virtually any meals imaginable.

king trumpet.jpeg

Chestnut Mushrooms - Savory and slightly nutty they hold their slight crunch through cooking and hold up well in soups and stews

Shiitake Mushrooms - Meaty almost steak like pairs as well on top of steaks as it does with a unami gravy.

Oyster Mushrooms - Mild with a slightly chewy texture these can be used battered and fried for a breaded mushroom sure to please any child and adult alike.

We offer several varieties of Oyster Mushrooms including Pink, Golden, Blue, Grey Dove, Elm and Italian.

Lions Mane Mushrooms - A taste reminiscent of crab or lobster Lions Mane can be a great seafood substitute. The medical benefits of the mushroom are well researched.

King Trumpet Mushrooms - A meaty thick stemmed mushroom that can be sliced into scallop like shapes and pan seared to perfection.

We want to continue supplying our mushrooms to more restaurants and grocers in and around Rock County.

If you are a chef in search of a quality mushroom grower, look no further. We take pride in growing mushrooms to the needs of our chefs as well as establishing a long lasting relationship.

Let your favorite store and/or restaurant know you want Clark Family Gardens mushrooms offered there!  Reach out to them directly and let us know too!  It is a great feeling to hear a customer ask to have our product carried in their favorite stores and restaurants!

We harvest mushrooms virtually every day! We are able to meet your demand within the same day for most mushroom orders. (up to 2+ months for BULK shiitake orders)

For general or bulk orders contact us directly at: 608-289-2395 or